Sunday, June 22, 2008

Too Hot to Run

Since returning from Hawaii I've only been able to get one in 5k training run on June 6. Nothing much to talk about, the pace was just a little slower than my usual 7 minutes per kilometer. However, my left knee was hurting for several days after the run. I'm pretty sure that the cause was simply a matter of not easing back into it rather than bad form or over use.

We went to Puerto Vallarta from the 9th through the 20th. There's a good community athletic park there complete with a nicely surfaced track but the heat and humidity was too much to try it out.

Today we're going on a car trip to Northern California to take a Dr. McDougall cooking workshop. This doctor believes that most health problems, including my high cholesterol, can be solved with diet.

Of course the key to good health is a balance of diet, exercise and happiness. I'm certainly happy not having to report to work every day but I'll be back at work on July 1. Hopefully I'll be able to return to a regular exercise routine soon but for June it looks like 5k for the whole month is about it.