Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Very Short Long Run

The snow pretty much melted away and it the temperature in Jerusalem got back to normal for this time of year so I decided to do a long run. I thought I'd do 10k or at least 5k, but the point was to go out and keep running around the course I setup until I felt that was enough.

3 kilometers

Yikes, that's terrible. However if you factor in that I'm not used to running, racewalking was my sport, and that I haven't worked out regularly for the past 6-months and Jerusalem is quite a bit higher than West Hollywood and there's hills in my course--well, at least I got out the door.

Since my course is 1.1 kilometers I clipped one of the corners by the Jerusalem Theater so let's call it an even kilometer to make things easy. And since my Polar foot pod isn't working at least this will give me some sort of a rough distance to work with.

Lap 1 - 7:18
Lap 2 - 7:34
Lap 3 - 8:44

Average Heart Rate: 166 bpm

Over half of the course is uphill. How's that possible? The downhill side is much steeper so I spend more time climbing. That seemed to work against me because as I'm climbing I'm thinking to myself, "I can't do this, just finish this lap." I walked half of the third lap, that's why the time dropped off so much.

The only other run I got in this week was on Monday, before the storm hit. I did just 1 kilometer before work and clocked it in at an even 7:00 (about 11:15 min/mile) with an average heart rate of 166 bpm.

Total workout for the week, 4 kilometers. I've got to do more, not just to train for the half-marathon but to bring my cholesterol level down. I was thinking that maybe I should drive to Tel Aviv and do my long day at sea level, on a flat course. Today's long run was only 23:38, that's less than what a daily run should be.