Thursday, May 15, 2008

Off to Hawaii

In all the flurry of activity getting ready to go to Hawaii to be with Rosie for a few weeks while she is working on a movie there I just realized that I reached a milestone today--50 kilometers and the week is only half over. Well, OK I cheated. Monday I rode my bicycle to and from work so it doesn't really count!

In any case I did put in a couple of 5 k runs and wanted to note them down before taking off. Interesting, same cadence but different pace, I must have been taking longer strides on Tuesday. Yesterday I was feeling a little tired so I took it easy. I didn't do the daily run this morning.
               HR            Pace                Cadence     Distance
Tuesday    -   161   6:53 min/km  11:04 min/mi    84         5.0 km
Wednesday  -   157   7:19 min/km  11:46 min/mi    84         5.0 km

I'll try to put in some runs while in Hawaii but I'm not sure if I'll keep up my training blog.