Saturday, March 29, 2008

10k in 1-week

That's the total that I ran this week, but coming off an ankle injury--I'm pretty happy. So, assume the blogging position!

Last week I did a total of 1 kilometer the whole week and I made a promise to come back slowly. Doing 10 times the distance the following week might not seem prudent, but before the ankle injury I was doing 4k daily runs 4-times a week and an 18k long run. OK, that was too much but my goal is to eventually get back to doing at least a 5k daily workout like I was doing before starting this job in Jerusalem. Of course out here I'm running on hills at an altitude of about 820 meters (2,690 feet) while at home it was pretty much flat at nearly sea level and I was racewalking so it is going to be more of a challenge to build up my distance.

Here's how the week went:
Sunday    - No run but did strength training and wrapped ankle in hot towel for good measure

               HR      Pace          Cadence
Monday    -   156      6:31            83
Tuesday   -   150      6:31            83
Wednesday -   147      6:40            83
Thursday  -   152      6:40            83
Friday    -   159      6:49            82
Saturday  -   165      7:08 (avg.)     82 (5 kilometers in 35:54)

Some numbers might not match up exactly because the Polar SR800sd foot pod does vary from day to day. Sometimes it reads the course at exactly 1k and other days it is a little longer or shorter. I'm thinking about getting a GPS unit when I get back home, that might improve accuracy and it will help if I get into cycling.

I'm thinking quite a bit about what changes I'll do once I get home in about 9-weeks from now. With gas prices over $4 per gallon maybe cycling to work might not be as crazy as it once seemed. Besides, I'd do the daily workout and commute at the same time--think time management!