Saturday, March 22, 2008

From All Wrong to All Right

Once again I only did 1-kilometer the whole week, but last week I did things all wrong by going out too hard on an injured ankle and this week I was careful not to try anything until I was fully recovered--and even then I started very gently.

Last week I really wanted to get back into it and whip myself into shape for either the Jerusalem half-marathon or the 10k. In my head I was trying to convince myself that I could go 2k on Sunday, 3k on Monday and so on until I could hit an LSD run this weekend--right. Sunday I knew I was foolish, Monday I kept up with the weights, stretching and applying heat to the injury, Tuesday the pain miraculesly disappeared, Wednesday I suited up for a run but decided to do a little running in place before going out--ouch, I didn't go out. And that's how it went. Friday I did my usual 5k walk to get some food, I did a fast walk to the market and it felt pretty good. Saturday, today, was the day that I finally set out for my first run in a week. After an easy 7:19 min/km around the course I did my strength and stretching and wrapped up my ankle with a hot towel.

My strategy now is to ease back into running and not to suddenly increase my speed or distance. It might take more time, but hopefully I'll spend less time laid up because I over did it.

Once I get home, just a little over 2-months from now, I'm thinking about mixing things up a bit. Some racewalking, bicycling and I've been having this urge to learn the unicycle. Oh, and barefooted running? Yeah, on some nice cool wet Pacific coast beach sand.