Friday, April 11, 2008

Building up the Distance

Somehow I've managed to keep building up my distance despite being on a crunch time at work this week. My daily runs were only 2 k per day, but I was able to get all of them in.
Sunday    - Rest Day, yesterday was a 10K race
               HR           Pace               Cadence
Monday    -   163    7:03 min/km  11:20 min/mi    86
Tuesday   -   158    7:13 min/km  11:36 min/mi    85
Wednesday -   157    7:30 min/km  12:04 min/mi    85
Thursday  -   157    7:19 min/km  11:46 min/mi    85
Friday    -   157    6:53 min/km  11:04 min/mi    85

It looks like I wasn't quite recovered from the race on Monday. Tuesday I forgot to take my water bottle and my ankle was bothering me just a bit so I took it easy. Wednesday I took it even easier--the stress at work was getting to me, but by Friday I was starting to build up speed.

Tomorrow is my LSD day and since I promised myself to build up slowly I'll probably just do a 5 K around the neighborhood like I did a couple of weeks ago. Before I leave Jerusalem, just 7 weeks to go, I hope to be able to do 5 K daily runs on my hilly neighborhood course.

Of course I missed the Jerusalem half-marathon a few weeks ago, but that was partially due to work. Things were getting busy and the race was on a Thursday during regular working hours. It was also partially because my ankle was hurting. Yeah, I over did it and built up my distance too quickly but it seems that job stress is also causing some of my lower leg pain. I work sitting down all day on a computer. Some guys work standing up, but it seems that would be tiring too. Maybe I should just stop working if that's what causing my pains?