Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post Crunch Time Setback

Last week I was congratulating myself for exercising all through crunch time at work. This week--well, not so much.

Sunday was a scheduled day off, Monday I put in a 3K run, Tuesday I didn't make up my mind if I would alternate between 2K and 3K each day so on the second lap I thought I'd check my time and oops--forgot to start my watch, so 2K it was.

Tuesday started bad but ended worse. The DVD we made for the screening didn't work at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and we ended up working late into the night trying to make one that would work. As it turned out the DVD was fine but there was some sort of a technical problem at the Cinematheque that caused the right speaker to kick out about 20 minutes into the movie.

Anyway, Wednesday morning I was toast and even though nobody seemed to mind the right speaker going out for about 5 minutes during the screening, I of course stressed out. Thursday I had a back ache, sore ankles, wobbly knees, and other physical signs of stress so I took that day off from running. On Friday, which is a non-work day like Saturday is in the U.S., I spent most of the day laying on the couch hoping that would get my back back in shape--ugh!

That brings me up to today. I decided to run, though I started a little later than usual and the weather is starting to warm up a little earlier than it used to. My back, ankles, knees and head felt better so I decided to get back on track and put in 5K on the hilly neighborhood course. On the 2nd lap I was weighing my options, should I bail out at 3K and save the 5K for tomorrow? Without thinking about it I started to speed up but at the end of the 3rd lap I convinced myself that a 5K would be better than a 3K for today.

No crunch time next week, 3K workouts Monday through Friday and time to think about doing something longer than 5K for the Saturday LSD run.
                HR           Pace                Cadence
Sunday       -   Rest Day
Monday  3K   -   161    6:50 min/km  10:59 min/mi    87
Tuesday  2K  -   Forgot to start running watch
Wednesday    -   Zip
Thursday     -   Nada
Friday       -   Even less than yesterday
Saturday 5K  -   164    7:18 min/km  11:45 min/mi    83

Total for the week, 10K. That's a setback to my goal of slowly increasing weekly distance, last week I did 15K so it isn't really all that bad.

Finally, on today's chart I put the cursor on the 2K mark just to see how fast I was moving at that point--5:45 min/km 9:16 min/mi. Somehow everything must have fallen in place at that point because I didn't feel like I was going that fast and I had to force myself to slow down knowing that I wouldn't make it through 5K at that speed. Well, at least not on the hills in the heat, not yet--but maybe some day?