Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crunch Time 5K

Looking over my previous posts, what has become a pattern is work getting in the way of my scheduled workouts. Somehow I managed to get in all my runs for the week while making it though crunch time at work. We've got a screening scheduled for next Wednesday and even though I did work long hours and through the weekend I'm quite proud of myself for putting in my runs.

Today was my long day and even though calling 5 kilometers a long run might seem laughable, I did increase my weekly distance for the past three weeks--10k, 13k and this week, 15k. It is a long way off from the 50k weeks I used to do last year racewalking, but I'm huffing and puffing over the hills of Jerusalem.

The foot pod once again measured slightly different than usual, but if this course really is a 1k loop then things look like this:
                  HR               Pace            Cadence
Saturday 5k   -  165    6:50 min/km  10:59 min/mi    88
Not bad for an easy run, it was even better than most of my daily runs!