Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is That All There Is?

I went from 6 to 3 miles for the morning workout starting today. It sure makes for a short session--even with a full stretching routine after the walk.
Mile 1 - 10:34
Mile 2 - 11:20
Mile 3 - 11:13
Average Pace - 11:03 minutes per mile
Total Workout - 33:09

I started out too fast but I was hoping to break the 10 minute mile barrier. It made the other two miles that much harder, especially the second mile when I had to slow down or I wouldn't be able to finish the third mile. I ended up far short of the 10:49 min/mi pace I did for the first three miles from last week's six mile workout.

One thing I was thinking about was how long it has been since I experienced any sort of serious pain. The knees are feeling great, but I do have a bit of a pain in the butt. A few days ago I started feeling like someone kicked me in the right gluteus. Nothing serious, but I do feel it if I bend down or stand on my right leg with a bent knee. I've been sitting on my heat/massage pad before going to sleep. Anyway, it isn't anything that is holding me back and I don't feel like I need anything for the pain. In fact once I get warmed up it doesn't bother me at all. Still, I'd like to shake it off before the marathon.