Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lesson on Lifting

Tim Berrett from Canada was leading the 50 kilometer race at the 2007 Racewalking Championships in Chula Vista, California until he was shown the red card and disqualified with only 15 km to go. Too bad, he was way ahead and seemed that he would easily win--but he wasn't legal. Check out his feet, he is clearly off the ground.

The rules on lifting are that it has to be visible by the unaided eye. In order to be disqualified, three different judges have to report rules violations. At this event it seemed that the judges were giving courtesy "warnings" before reporting infractions. Still, there were several infractions reported while others got off Scott free. Click on these photos to view higher resolution images--these racewalkers were clearly off the ground, but was it visible to the unaided eye? I must admit, I saw very little lifting until I looked these photos carefully.