Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just Shut Up and Walk!

This morning I woke up with all sorts of issues cluttering up my mind. My blistered heel still hurt, I stayed up too late last night analyising photos and results from Sunday's race, last time I did the morning walk after a 20.5 mile workout I was at 13:20 minutes per mile and I didn't want to disappoint myself again. I was tired and hurting but I really wanted to see if I picked up anything by watching the elite walkers--so it was time to shut up, get out the door and walk.
Mile 1 - 11:18
Mile 2 - 11:09
Mile 3 - 11:20
Mile 4 - 11:28
Mile 5 - 11:32
Mile 6 - 11:14
Average Pace - 11:20 minutes per mile
Total Workout - 1:08:05

It was the best morning workout yet. My heart rate was around 170-175 bpm so this was pretty much race pace.

I don't want to start making predictions on how I'll do on the marathon then fall short of those expectations. I'll just keep pushing myself, have fun with it and hopefully give it my best shot. If I'm still having fun after the marathon, I'm thinking about changing over to measuring my workouts in kilometers and sticking to 1/2 marathon and shorter distances. That way it won't take so long to build up to a race and I can do more competition. Anyway, it's time to put my shoes where my mouth is--or something like that.