Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yet another 20.5 mile workout

This morning I walked with Lindsey's L.A. Roadrunners group. Again we took a route where I didn't know where the mile markers were at so I can't put down the mile split times.
20.5 miles
Average Pace - 12:42 minutes per mile
Total Workout - 4:20:34

The plan was to do 20 miles but according to the people wearing Garmin GPS watches, we went another half-mile further. One of the walkers read her split times and the last 1/2 mile we did at an 11:58 pace.

This time I took along only two 8 ounce bottles of Hydralyte and five packets of GU Energy Gel. I got the "just plain" flavor which has some caffeine. I consumed one packet just before the start and one every hour. I skipped the last one because I didn't think it would do me much good with just under 2 miles to go. The Hydralyte added some electrolytes and made the GU go down easier. I only needed one bottle of Hydralyte, there was enough water on the course at the aid stations. I stuck to gulping down water, a trick I learned on the 10 mile race, instead of sipping from the bottle. I also skipped the snacks and Gatoraid, the GU and Hydralyte seemed to be sufficient and I didn't have to rely on finding what I needed at the aid stations other than just plain water.

I reached my goal of not falling down this time and finishing at the front of the group. I pushed a bit harder on the last mile and though I was feeling good enough to smoke the group, I didn't want to show off.

Not everything went perfectly--it seldom does. I had a little bit of pain on the top of my right foot so I skipped an eyelet when lacing that shoe and didn't snug it up enough when I tied the shoelace. As a result, I blistered my right heel. Nothing major, just enough to get a little blood on my brand new shoes. One of my toenails on my left foot is also a little sore, though I doubt it is enough to turn it black and fall off--I already had that experience once.

I won't be starting with Lindsey's group because they have a "starting corral" reserved and I'm not a member of the L.A. Roadrunners. Anyway, it doesn't matter because I'll be starting with my nephew who will be running the marathon--at least I hope he will be doing it, I haven't seen him workout for a long time and it is getting a little too late to get into condition.

This is probably the last workout I'll be doing with Lindsey's group. In a couple of weeks I'd like to walk the new L.A. Maraton course as my last long workout and reconnaissance mission before the actual race on March 4, 2007.