Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Icy Walk

It was so cold this morning that I did my morning walk in sweat shirt and sweat pants--and I didn't break a sweat. There were a few very slippery spots on the sidewalk and it took a while for me to realize that it was solid ice. Now that's really unusual for Los Angeles.

I pushed hard but couldn't get up to speed. When I checked the split at mile two I almost gave up, but figured that doing the full six miles slowly would be better than quiting. After all, I did do 20.5 miles on Saturday and it takes a few days to recover. Yesterday I walked about 2.5 miles with Rosie but didn't time it because it was more of a recovery walk for me.
Mile 1 - 12:26
Mile 2 - 13:13
Mile 3 - 13:39
Mile 4 - 13:37
Mile 5 - 13:40
Mile 6 - 13:24
Average Pace - 13:20
Total Workout - 1:20:02

This isn't even worth writing down except as a record of how long it takes me to recover from a long workout. My legs feel fine and even my knees are doing pretty good. Can't say the same for my right arm, that's the one I used to break my fall on Saturday. Embarrassing as it was, I wasn't the only one who went down that day. One of my co-workers was in a running group where several runners fell down. Guess it's more common than I thought.

Anyway, I didn't send in my entry form for Sunday's 10 mile racewalk at the Rose Bowl yet. If I feel up to it, I'll enter just before the race.