Tuesday, January 9, 2007


It might not score anything, but I did reach one of my goals today, do the 6 mile morning walk at under 12 minutes per mile:
Mile 1 - 12:10
Mile 2 - 12:43
Mile 3 - 12:29
Mile 4 - 11:49
Mile 5 - 11:40
Mile 6 - 11:07
Average Pace - 11:59 minutes per mile
Total Workout - 1:11:58

When I checked my time at mile two I was thinking that maybe I was taking it too easy so if I was feeling good after mile three I'd really start pushing myself. When I finished mile four at under 12 minutes I started pushing even harder and was thinking negative splits. That last mile I gave it all I had.

As long as I didn't stress anything I should be able to keep doing the morning walks at 12 minutes per mile--at least that's the goal.