Sunday, January 7, 2007

8-mile Scenic Walk

I wanted to do 12 miles but we got up late, our nephew didn't want to go but the dog did and well, it was a logistic issue. We did make it to Venice Beach and it was a beautiful day. Warm, almost like summer, but it is the middle of winter!
Mile 1 - 11:36          Mile 5 - 12:47
Mile 2 - 11:56 Mile 6 - 12:07
Mile 3 - 12:19 Mile 7 - 12:08
Mile 4 - 12:31 Mile 8 - 12:34
Average Pace - 12:15 minutes per mile
Total Workout - 1:38:01

I was feeling pretty good at 8 miles and could have easily gone on to do 12. I had a little pain in my right knee last night, nothing like before but there's no point in pushing it too hard right now.

Next Saturday there's the Paramount 10k and several of the Southern Cal Walkers are going to be there. I'm thinking about going to the beach instead and walking 26 miles. It would be good to put in a couple of these very long distance walks before the L.A. Marathon on March 4th.

The following Sunday, January 21, is the 46th annual 10-mile racewalk put on by the Walkers Club of Los Angeles. It is also my 52nd birthday so it seems like a good one to enter. It even fits perfectly into my training schedule.