Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wet Walk

This morning I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. I started thinking, what if it rains on the day of the marathon? It has not rained once during my scheduled walks so maybe today would be a good test--walking in the rain. However, by the time I got out, the rain stopped and the clouds were breaking up.

OK, so I didn't get to practice in the rain, but it was very wet and slippery on the sidewalk especially by the car wash where the soap and grease oozed over the concrete. I was glad it was a very easy day.
Mile 1 - 12:07
Mile 2 - 12:10
Mile 3 - 11:49
Average Pace - 12:02
Total Workout - 36:06

I was taking it very easy, partly because I didn't want to slip and fall. Once I got on the home stretch I walked down the middle of the road and it was much better footing on the asphalt so I picked up the pace on the last quarter mile or so.

This is the last 3-mile workout before the marathon. Just a short one mile on Thursday and some accelerations on Saturday as part of the carbo loading ritual.