Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Indecision after Election Day

It took me quite a while to go through all the races and ballot measures for yesterday's election. I even took a training day off and made it to the polls first thing in the morning.

So much for decision making--this morning I started out doing just a quick mile, maybe 12 minutes? Not much of a workout but I had an early morning eye doctor appointment and didn't want to take another day off. Halfway through the mile I was feeling good so I picked up the pace.

10:32 minutes per mile

Not a PR, but I did have to go 50 yards further than my mile PR because I remeasured the course. Maybe I did just walk my best mile.

However, if I was going at a 12 min/mile pace for the first half, what did I do on the second half? Sounds like one of those math word problems. Let's see, 1/2 mile at 12 min/mile = 6 minutes and 10:32 mile - 6 minutes = 4:32 min second half which comes out to 4:32 x 2 = 9:04 min/mile pace.

I was hoping to break 10 minutes for a mile but now it seems that I should set a goal to break 9 minutes. That's not as crazy as it may seem at first. According the the age grading card some of the Southern Cal Walkers were carrying, a 51 year old racewalker in good shape should be able to do an 8 minute mile. Now that seems crazy at this point in my training.