Saturday, November 11, 2006

Little Workout Before the Big Workout

Today I worked out with the Southern Cal Walkers at the Cal Tech track. I kept it easy so I wouldn't burn out for the long walk tomorrow.

2x 300 meter repeats
1st repeat - 1:47 - 9:30 min/mi pace
2nd repeat - 1:47

3x 800 meter repeats
1st repeat - 5:52 - 11:44 min/mi pace
2nd repeat - 5:50 - 11:40 min/mi pace
3rd repeat - 5:33 - 11:06 min/mi pace

I tried for a good effort on the 300 meters and an easy, marathon pace for the 800 meters, though I did push a bit harder on the final 200 meters of the workout. Overall it felt good.

Tomorrow is the long, 26 mile walk. The plan is to keep it easy and complete it without breaking down.

By the way, the reason why I list the minutes per mile pace is because that way I can compare my progress with the L.A. Marathon results list. Once the marathon is over I'm considering switching over to kilometers instead of miles.