Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Need to Revise The Workout Schedule

Not that I always have much control over my schedule--my job at DreamWorks Animation has been taking up lots of time and energy these past few days.

Anyway, did some strength training on Tuesday and the daily 3-mile walk this morning. That failed long workout on Sunday left me hurting but just resting doesn't seem to speed up recovery. On Monday I thought I'd have to take the whole week off but here we are on Wednesday feeling pretty good. This is how it went:
Mile 1 - 11:45
Mile 2 - 11:53
Mile 3 - 11:40
Average Pace - 11:46 Minutes Per Mile
Total Workout - 35:18

What I was thinking about doing is to increase the weekday walk to 6 miles and do it every other day. What would probably work best is instead of doing 3 miles on Tuesday through Friday (Monday is my day off) I'd do 6 miles on Tuesday and Thursday. This wouldn't increase my weekly mileage but it would make each workout longer. On Wednesday and Friday I'd do strength training. Of course stretching would be included on every day--perhaps even the day off. This would require setting the alarm a half-hour earlier.

And guess what--tomorrow I've been asked to come into work an hour earlier. Ugh, guess I can't start the new schedule just yet.