Saturday, December 9, 2006

Getting Back up to Speed

This morning I worked out with the Southern Cal Walkers. There's a club postal tomorrow, that's a race where they see how far they can go in a one hour time limit, and that made the workout today rather light. I said that I wasn't doing the race tomorrow so I did a somewhat more strenuous slow, faster, faster, full-speed, lap sets. The way it works is to do an easy walk for a lap (400 meters) followed by an easy racewalk lap, then a racewalk at about a 70% effort and finally an all out effort on the fourth lap. Then--do it all over again. I walked with Carl Acosta and Sylvia Ellis, Carl showed us how on the first set then let Sylvia and me go off and do another set. I didn't time myself but the last lap my heart was beating 187 bpm, Sylvia was at just 87 bpm--go figure. I wish I would have run the stopwatch because it felt like we were under 10 minutes per mile pace.

Anyway, tomorrow is the postal. I said I wouldn't do it, but I'm feeling pretty good and my knee isn't complaining. I probably won't make the final decision until just before the 6:45am start. If nothing else I could take it easy and call that my Sunday workout.