Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Postal Photos

Saturday night I decided not to walk the one hour postal and take some photos instead. I was hoping to see a few hot shots at the race and I wasn't disappointed. Rick Campbell showed up all decked out with a holiday hat and bells on his shoes. Fortuantely for the sanity of the other racewalkers his bells fell off so they didn't have to hear jingling bells for the duration of the race. I don't have the official results, but he went further than 10k in the hour so that means that his average pace was under 10 minutes per mile--quite a performance.

A moment just before the start. It rained the night before so the track was soggy. The bathrooms were all locked so the start was delayed a few minutes after sunrise which made for better light for photography.

The start of the race.

It was probably best I didn't enter the race. Just walking across the field so many times made my knee a little sore.