Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meet the Feet

So today I had my appointment with the podiatrist.

He kneaded and twisted my feet then ordered some xrays and told me that I had a problem that could be solved with surgery but since it wasn't severe I should try orthotics first. Basically, my feet flatten out instead of hold their shape properly. Since the 2E width shoes seem to fit me better I asked if I had wide feet and he said no, it's just that they spread out. He mentioned that the Superfeet insoles that I bought were his favorite so at least that was a good choice. He then ordered casts made for the custom orthodics and gave me some calf stretching exercises--which happen to be the ones I've been doing anyway, I just have to do them more often.

So is this the magic bullet I've been looking for? We'll have to wait and see, the orthodics arrive in a couple of weeks, right when I'll be away on vacation.