Saturday, December 2, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This morning Rosie and I went to Cal Tech to workout with the Southern Cal Walkers. We walked together doing 300 meter repeats. Here's how it went, remember I'm still recovering from a knee injury:
1st 300 Meters - 2:34  -  13:41 min/mi pace
2nd 300 Meters - 2:47 - 14:50 min/mi pace
3rd 300 Meters - 2:49 - 15:01 min/mi pace
4th 300 Meters - 2:52 - 15:17 min/mi pace
5th 300 Meters - 2:50 - 15:06 min/mi pace
6th 300 Meters - 2:55 - 15:33 min/mi pace
7th 300 Meters - 2:59 - 15:54 min/mi pace

At this point I went to see Elaine Ward to try and figure out why I keep injuring my knees. She spotted a problem right away--I over pronate*. That's not really news to me but she showed how to shift my weight to the outside of the foot and alleviate the pain. It takes some concentration, but I did a couple of laps at a moderate speed and it helped--at least it didn't make things any worse than before.

Afterwards I bought some Orange SUPERfeet insoles that should help with the over pronation issue. At least until I get my referral to see a podiatrist, maybe get a gait analysis, probably some custom orthoses and finally put this issue behind me.

I'm hurting just a little more than yesterday so maybe I did take a step backward today but hopefully the steps I have been taking lately will eventually move me in the right direction.

* pro·nate To turn or rotate the sole of the foot by abduction and eversion so that the inner edge of the sole bears the body's weight. -- American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary