Sunday, October 15, 2006

AIDS Walk 2006

Not a racewalk, but a walk none the less. Let's call it a 10K "recovery" walk and put it down as part of my marathon training.

Here we are before the start. That's me, Rosie and Joshua in the picture.

The course was the usual 10K going from West Hollywood to Hollywood and back. It wasn't a race, just a fund raising event, though I did see some runners taking advantage of the streets closed to traffic. It was a leasurly stroll but after that messed up 20 mile attempt yesterday it was a good recovery walk--though I was feeling stiff, my heel still hurt and I was really glad when we finally finished. I didn't check the time, but it took all morning to to the 6.2 miles.

Oh and it was a dog friendly event so Natty joined in too.