Friday, October 6, 2006

Is Every Little Improvement Worth A Post?

I don't really know, but it is satisfying to see progress, especially on an easy day.

This morning's workout:

Mile 1 - 11:13 * New PR by 2 seconds
Mile 2 - 12:13
Mile 3 - 13:42
Average Pace - 12:23 * Also a new PR

Total Workout - 37:10 * Guess that makes this one a PR too

I strapped on the heart rate monitor and decided to keep it around 160 bpm, not bothering to look at the time too much. The first mile fealt good as I ramped up from a 150 bpm warmup before starting the first mile to 160 bpm. However, by the mile mark I went past my target heart rate so I started slowing down. My heart rate kept going up, guess that it takes a while for a change in effort to affect the heartbeat. By the middle of the second mile it was up to 173 bpm and I was having to relax to get it back down. Again, it dropped well below my target and continued to drop below 150 bpm on the second mile. The third mile I was just trying to finish the workout in one piece so I wasn't concerned too much about speed or keeping my heart rate up. Still, the average pace was pretty much what I was expecting.

Yesterday I did strength training. It does seem to be helping out. My speed is up, but I've got to work on endurance too.