Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heel Still Not Healed

I headed out this morning after taking Monday off. I wanted to do a fast mile and strength training but my heel was still hurting so I just walked a very easy three miles instead. The first couple of miles I kept my heartrate at around 148 bpm and did pretty good time considering that I was 20 bpm less than Sunday's long distance. By the last mile my heal was a bit sore so I took it even easier.

Here are the results:
Mile 1 - 12:42
Mile 2 - 12:49
Mile 3 - 13:41
Average Pace - 13:04 minutes/mile
Total Workout - 39:13

Just a few weeks ago I would have been so happy with a 13 min/mile pace. How things have progressed--now it feels like a stroll around the neighborhood.

I'll be glad when my right heel stops bothering me. I don't want to patch it up for my daily walks. I've been wearing heel-less clogs to work to keep the pressure off--don't know what else to do to hurry up the healing process.