Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chipping Away on the Average Pace

So after the Saturday 10 mile walk that should have been 20 miles and the 10K AIDS Walk on Sunday, a day off Monday and strength training on Tuesday I got back on the three mile daily walk. Here's how it went:

Mile 1 - 11:55
Mile 2 - 12:18
Mile 3 - 12:45
Average Pace - 12:19 * that's a new PR
Total Workout - 36:59 * also a new PR

It was tough getting started because my right heel was still hurting from Saturday. I switched to my running shoes and put on a Dr. Scholls Blister Treatment pad. I tried these pads before and they usually slide off after a while. By the first mile it was starting to slip. In addition, I nearly twisted my ankle going around a truck that was parked on the sidewalk.

The first mile was comfortable and fast so I was hoping that I could do all three miles at about 12 minutes per mile. The second mile was slightly uphill so I expected a slower lap. My heart rate went up to about 168 bmp but I was still feeling good. The third mile should have been faster. I was feeling my heel rubbing and was afraid of making things worse.

Despite it all, I'm improving and that keeps me going.