Saturday, October 21, 2006

Light Workout with the Southern Cal Walkers

Patching up the hurt heel worked. In addition, I tried out a new pair of Loco Banditos. When I first got them I thought that I'd have to exchange them for a larger size but after trying them out on the track they were perfect!

After  warming up we did some "accelerations." Basically, ramping up the speed on the straight aways and taking it very easy on the curves. Surprisingly, my lap time was about the same as if I had kept up an even effort all around. Checking out the laps, it was obvious which ones I did on my own and which ones I slowed down to have a conversation with other club members.
Lap 1 - 2:55          Lap 4 - 2:59        Lap 7 - 3:32
Lap 2 - 3:01 Lap 5 - 2:59 Lap 8 - 3:52
Lap 3 - 3:19 Lap 6 - 2:59 Lap 9 - 2:59

Consistant 2:59's (when I'm not socializing) equal about an 11:56 minute/mile pace. We'll see how it goes tomorrow on the 8-mile long walk.