Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long Not So Slow Day

Today was the long slow day. We went to our usual venue starting at Venice Beach and I figured that I'd do the whole walk with whatever speed my first mile time would be. I was surprised that it was under 13 minutes, it was only a warm up, but that's how I set my pace. I also saw one of the participants from Dave McGovern's clinic out there--but she was going way too fast for me to keep up so we just exchanged polite hellos.

Anyway, here are the times for the 8 mile walk:

Mile 1 - 12:50
Mile 2 - 12:55
Mile 3 - 12:58
Mile 4 - 11:57
Mile 5 - 12:59
Mile 6 - 12:10
Mile 7 - 12:09
Mile 8 - 12:52
Average Pace - 12:36
Total Time - 1:40:54

Whoo hoo! Now if I can get my pace down half a minute and keep it up for 26.2 miles I'd be a happy camper--but now is not the time to beat myself up on the long walks. I have to admit, this one fealt really good and comfortable.

I'm not sure if the mile markers are all that accurate, that 11:57 mile seemed a little out of place, but what followed that was crossing the bridge at the Santa Monica Pier. Whoa, that took a lot out of me but was able to recover and pick up the pace again.

In any case, it is all good.


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