Monday, September 25, 2006

Message from the Master

After that big improvement in my pace, I thought it appropriate to send a thank you message and post it on Daves World Class Racewalking Clinic Alumni Association message board:

Solana Beach weekend

Just a quick thanks for a great workshop at Solana Beach last weekend. After taking a week to recover, and changing my weekday workouts I was able to take off a minute off my mile pace. Nothing really earth shattering but before the workshop I did 6 miles at 13:30 min/mile and yesterday I did 8 miles at 12:30 min/mile and didn't get nearly as tired. My best mile yet is 11:41 so I've still got lots of room for improvement.

Thanks again Dave, and thanks Karen for being a great hostess and Sloan for the workout!

And I got a reply from the master himself--Dave McGovern:


Nothing to sneeze at? Are you kidding? If I could take a minute off my best mile pace I'd have the world record! The best part is you're going farther at that pace and feeling good aftewards! Racewalking is all about technique. It can be a gradual proccess, but that's a good thing. Steady improvement over time!