Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weighing In

I'm not much into watching my weight, I'd rather go by how I look and feel, but this morning I stepped on the scale. When I first started racewalking after a running injury I weighed in at 165 lbs., that was less than two months ago, today I weigh 155 lbs. but more importantly I feel much better.

Yesterday I got up too late to do a morning workout--had my earplugs in and didn't hear the alarm. So I decided to do a hill climb after work. The course was going up La Cienega Blvd. from Beverly all the way up to Sunset. It starts out as a gradual incline and keeps getting steeper and steeper as you approach Sunset Blvd. No racewalking, but it got my heartrate up.

This morning I tried some interval work. This was the first time using the interval timer on the Timex. I thought I had it figured out, two minutes hard, one minute easy, but on the last mile I fealt something was wrong so I looked at the watch and I was doing two minutes easy and one minute hard! Even with that screwing up the walk I was still able to put in a decent overall pace:

Mile 1 -- 12:16
Mile 2 -- 12:16
Mile 3 -- 12:56

Finishing off this hard day I did some of the exercises from Dave McGovern's clinic followed by lots of stretching. This isn't something that I would be able to do every day unless I set the alarm clock earlier--got to rush off to work now!