Saturday, September 9, 2006

UCLA track practice

My nephew Joshua and I went to do an hour at the UCLA track. We first calibrated out iPod/Nike computer then set out to make as many laps as we could in an hour. Of course the idea was not to over do it because we were training for the Marathon and not a 5k or 10k after all. Joshua ran and I, of course, walked. Here are my results:

Total Miles: 4.7
Pace: 13:01

Not too shabby for this point in my training. I had a little trouble stopping my iPod right at one hour, but it was close enough. My Timex Ironman watch pretty much confirmed the iPod results.

Next weekend I'll be taking a David McGovern racewalking clinic so hopefully I'll get my technique in shape and continue to improve my pace.

One thing that has me concerned is the shoes. I'm still using a pair of "motion control" Asics running shoes I got when I started training to run the Marathon. I ordered a pair of New Balance MRW111B which are "real" racewalking shoes, but they didn't fit me and I had to send them back to get a larger size. Not sure if the shoes will make the round trip in time for the clinic.