Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Getting Back on Schedule

So I did a recovery mile on Monday and strength training on Tuesday--that means I'm off my schedule. Today I did another recovery mile followed by the scheduled strength training. My heart rate was well into the "recovery zone" at under 130 bpm.
Mile 1 - 13:29.9 (8:23.2 min/km)

Afterwards I did my full strength/stretching routing to aid recovery. Tomorrow I should do 3 miles building up each mile until I'm back to 12 minutes for an "easy" mile (7:27 min/km). Speed work on Saturday should complete recovery. Without another race on the schedule I'm not sure what to do for the long workout on Sunday. Looks like it is time to lookup training recommendations for a sub 1-hour 10k (6:00 min/km).