Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just an Easy Six

I did my usual 6-mile walk this morning. Nothing thrilling, just an easy day. 
Mile 1 - 13:27           (8:21 min/km)
Mile 2 - 12:50 (7:58 min/km)
Mile 3 - 12:41 (7:53 min/km)
Mile 4 - 12:40 (7:52 min/km)
Mile 5 - 12:52 (8:00 min/km)
Mile 6 - 11:44 (7:17 min/km)
Total Workout - 1:16:16
Average Pace - 12:42 (7:53 min/km)

On Saturday I tried to do a lap, 400 meters, with Pedro Santoni but could only hold on for about 300 meters. I don't know what pace he was doing but it was the fastest I've gone, maybe 8 minute/mile or even faster. Every time I push myself that hard I usually injure my knee and this time I felt a slight tightness in my left knee. Nothing to worry about or take anything for pain--in fact it has been a long time since I had to take any pain medication. Still, I took it easy, no running and didn't push myself until the last half-mile of the walk.