Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hiking Cross Training

I did something a little different today--took a hike.

Sunday is usually my long walk but I haven't done a really good long workout since the L.A. Marathon. Donna Cunningham, one of the Southern Cal Walkers, organized a hike up Mount Wilson Trail and then to see the world's largest flowering vine, an over 100 year old 250 ton Wisteria vine. Rosie and our mini schnauzer, Natty, came along but they only made it 3/4 up the mountain before turning back. Still, they had a good time.

Anyway, the hike up the trail was only 1.5 miles up to "First Water" but it was quite a rugged climb. The total hike was only 3-miles plus maybe another mile walking around Sierra Madre, but it was still a good workout. Doing some hill work should help out my racewalking, especially that climb and long decent on the new L.A. Marathon course.

Speaking of hill work, there is an interesting 5K, half-marathon, marathon coming up May 19 in Palos Verdes--the 41st annual Palos Verdes Marathon hosted by the Kiwanis Club. A bit hilly but there are several distances to choose from if doing a marathon isn't in the cards for that day.