Monday, March 12, 2007

L.A. Marathon - It Could Have Been Worse!

So many people have been asking me how my nephew did on the marathon that I thought I'd post it here:
Bib  Name        Age/Sex  Time    Overall   SexPl DivPl Age Grade  Pace     10km     1/2      30km
315 Daniel Fort 52 M 06:18:30 24 13 8 37.5% 14:26.4 1:13:44 2:52:59 4:07:15
6915 Joshua Chan 15 M 06:18:31 13720 9365 926 36.1% 14:26.5 1:04:14 2:32:21 4:07:17

It looks like he was doing better than his uncle at the 10k mark and pulled further ahead by the halfway point. In any case, we ran out of gas and finished it off together. As bad as it was, almost half of the people who finished the marathon were BEHIND us. I ended up 24th out of 54 walkers who finished, 9 were DQ's and their results listed with the runners. About 26,000 started and 24,598 (runners) finished.