Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Start Reverse Taper

The L.A. Marathon is behind me and it is time to recover and get back into shape. I had lots of energy after the marathon and although I was somewhat sore, it wasn't bad at all.

Monday I did a slow recovery mile with Rosie, just a 15:49 pace but good enough to put some life back into my legs.

This morning, Tuesday, I did my strength training/stretching routine. Perhaps I wasn't putting enough emphasis on this routine in my blog because it isn't as easy to measure as the distance/time workouts, but I believe that strength training and stretching are an important part of a walking/running exercise program.

Now I've got to decide on which of the many upcoming races I want to participate in and start training for it. It is also time to set some new goals--of course that 12 min/mile marathon pace would still be a good one to try and reach. How about these goals:

5 kilometers under 30 minutes

10 kilometers under 1 hour

Time to start switching over gears from miles to kilometers! Let's see, 12 min/mile = 7:27 min/kilometer and 26.2 miles = 42.26 kilometers.