Friday, April 27, 2007

Found Last Saturday's Workout

It is a little lame to be posting this almost a week late, but I figured out how to access last Saturday's workout. It started with some 200 meters repeats followed by a couple of 300 meters and finished with a 400 meters. It was a good time to check the accuracy of the RS800sd's distance measurement. I think that some of the variations were more my fault not starting or stopping the watch exactly on the mark so I'm not sure whether to believe the watch's readings or my pace calculations. In any case, it was a good workout.

1st 200 meters Pace=4:41.0 min/km 7:32.2 min/mile
Start Time:     7:27:18
Total Distance: 0.14 km
Total Workout: 0:56.2
Heart Rate: 164 bpm
Cadence: 67
Stride: 109cm
Pace: 6:00 min/km

2nd 200 meters Pace=5:31.5 min/km 8:53.5 min/mile
Start Time:     7:29:37
Total Distance: 0.20 km
Total Workout: 1:06.3
Heart Rate: 175 bpm
Cadence: 83
Stride: 107cm
Pace: 5:24 min/km

3rd 200 meters Pace=5:42.5 min/km 9:11.2 min/mile
Start Time:     7:32:01
Total Distance: 0.19 km
Total Workout: 1:08.5
Heart Rate: 174 bpm
Cadence: 84
Stride: 98cm
Pace: 5:54 min/km

4th 200 meters Pace=5:31.5 min/km 8:53.5 min/mile
Start Time:     7:35:31
Total Distance: 0.19 km
Total Workout: 1:02.9
Heart Rate: 164 bpm
Cadence: 85
Stride: 107cm
Pace: 5:33 min/km

5th 200 meters Pace=5:12.0 min/km 8:22.1 min/mile
Start Time:     7:39:04
Total Distance: 0.18 km
Total Workout: 1:02.4
Heart Rate: 170 bpm
Cadence: 90
Stride: 96cm
Pace: 5:17 min/km

6th 200 meters Pace=5:02.0 min/km 8:06.0 min/mile
Start Time:     7:43:13
Total Distance: 0.16 km
Total Workout: 1:00.4
Heart Rate: 164 bpm
Cadence: 78
Stride: 96cm
Pace: 5:51 min/km

1st 300 meters Pace=5:33.7 min/km 8:57.0 min/mile
Start Time:     7:47:41
Total Distance: 0.27 km
Total Workout: 1:40.1
Heart Rate: 169 bpm
Cadence: 79
Stride: 101cm
Pace: 6:07 min/km

2nd 300 meters Pace=5:30.0 min/km 8:51.1 min/mile
Start Time:     7:52:36
Total Distance: 0.27 km
Total Workout: 1:39.0
Heart Rate: 165 bpm
Cadence: 79
Stride: 103cm
Pace: 6:08 min/km

400 meters Pace=5:19.0 min/km 8:33.4 min/mile
Start Time:     7:59:24
Total Distance: 0.36 km
Total Workout: 2:07.6
Heart Rate: 173 bpm
Cadence: 77
Stride: 109cm
Pace: 5:48 min/km

I'm not sure why there are discrepancies between my calculated pace and the watch's pace even when the distance measured the same as on the track markings--like on the 2nd 200 meters.

In any case, this morning I did an easy walk with Rosie. Nothing to brag about but I did wear the watch so here's what we did:
Start Time:     6:38:59
Total Distance: 4.48 km
Total Workout: 44:06.4
Heart Rate: 100 bpm
Cadence: 58
Stride: 86cm
Pace: 9:51 min/km (15:51.1 min/mile)