Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That

Today I was sort of a Triathalon day. Sort of because instead of running I racewalked, instead of riding a racing bicycle I tried out a recumbent and instead of an open water swim I soaked in a jacuzzi.

I am very courious about recumbent bicycles, probably because they aren't mainstream, and today I finally got to experience riding one. The bike, a custom made Haluzak, belongs to a friend. We rode it on the beach bike path between Marina Del Rey and the Manhattan Beach pier. It was a blast and quite different from my old Trek diamond frame "city" bicycle. No danger jumping in and ordering one of these--the news on the recumbent bicycle blogs is that the maker closed shop and the plug was pulled from company website.

It started like most Saturdays, speed work with the Southern Cal Walkers. Today we did an easy lap, the next lap at a good 75-80% effort and a lap at race pace. We got videotaped so we'll be able to check out our form when we find the time to gather in someone's home. I left the watch on auto lap and "free" run. Instead of trying to break down today's workout I'll just post the graphic from the Polar software--now that I've finally got everything working.