Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Truck Load of Data

This morning I did speed work with the Southern Cal Walkers. The workout was some quick intervals, about 40 seconds fast and 40 seconds recovery, followed by 800 meter repeats. Instead of taking lap times I set my new Polar RS800sd on "free" and let it gather data throughout the workout. It recorded the intervals along with the recovery--pretty much everything except the initial warm up. Here's a bunch of data from the workout:
Starting time: 7:29:23
Total distance: 2.99 km
Total workout: 26:24
Heart Rate
Max 180 93%
Min 98 51%
Average 158 82%
Most of the workout was in "sport zone" 4 followed by zones 5 and 2.
Zone 1 = 00:08 very light ( 50-60% HRmax)
Zone 2 = 04:32 light ( 60-70% HRmax)
Zone 3 = 03:14 moderate ( 70-80% HRmax)
Zone 4 = 12:48 hard ( 80-90% HRmax)
Zone 5 = 05:42 maximum (90-100% HRmax)
Pace min/km
Max 03:48
Average 08:50
297 kcal
Running Index 38
Max 108
Average 60
Stride Length
Average 94 cm

So what does all this mean? For the most part it was a fairly hard workout and I reached a maximum speed of 3:48 min/km, that's 6:06 min/mile! My cadence got as high as 108, that's 216 steps per minute. Yes, this is very fast, but I can only hold it for those short 40 second intervals. The only way that I was able to do it was to walk with Pedro Santoni--I was able to keep up with him for 400 meters this time, that's an improvement over last week's 300 meters. I didn't time the 800 meter repeats this time, I just had fun and let the watch gather data.