Wednesday, May 9, 2007

10k at 1/2 Marathon Pace

Today I decided to do 10km at what I felt will be my half-marathon race pace. Maybe my schedule is a little off, but I put in a good effort. That average pace includes about a 1/2 kilometer warmup, I'm happy. Tomorrow will probably be an easy day--best not to overtrain before the next race.
Data                    Value   Unit
Duration 1:04:40
Sampling Rate 5 s

Number of Heart Beats 9971 beats
Recovery -30 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 94 bpm
Average Heart Rate 154 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 164 bpm
Standard Deviation 9.2 bpm

Minimum Pace 14:38 min/km (23:33 min/mile)
Average Pace 6:23 min/km (10:16 min/mile)
Maximum Pace 4:50 min/km ( 7:46 min/mile)
Distance 10.1 km ( 6.21 miles)

Minimum Cadence 51 rpm
Average Cadence 74 rpm
Maximum Cadence 87 rpm