Monday, May 14, 2007

15 Kilometers at 1:28:30

A while back I set a goal to do 5K under 30 minutes and 10K under an hour. I already achieved that first goal but today I reached the second and one I didn't even think I could do, 15K under 90 minutes. I turned off auto lap counting on Saturday and took Sunday off so I forgot to turn it back on, but here are my 5K splits:
5K  -   30:20    6:04 min/km    9:46 min/mile
10K - 59:30 5:57 min/km 9:35 min/mile
15K - 1:28:30 5:54 min/km 9:30 min/mile

I started out slow to warm up and kept going faster throughout the workout. I calculated the cumulative average pace, of course the pace of each 5K split would show an even more dramatic speed up:
1st 5K - 30:20   6:04 min/km    9:46 min/mile
2nd 5K - 29:10 5:50 min/km 9:23 min/mile
3rd 5K - 29:00 5:48 min/km 9:20 min/mile

This will be my last long walk before the 1/2 marathon in Palos Verde on Saturday.