Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Almost another day off

Monday was a day off. It was hot and I didn't even do stretching or strength training. Today should have been a 10km day but Rosie wanted to come out and walk and I didn't feel like walking alone. It was a very light workout but I followed it up with strength training and stretching. It is a bit too early to start tapering for the half marathon on May 19 so I've got to put in some hard workouts this week,
Data                    Value     Unit
Duration 0:43:50
Sampling Rate 5 s

Number of Heart Beats 4216 beats
Recovery -19 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 77 bpm
Average Heart Rate 96 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 107 bpm
Standard Deviation 4.2 bpm

Minimum Pace 11:45 min/km
Average Pace 9:50 min/km
Maximum Pace 8:41 min/km
Distance 4.5 km

Minimum Cadence 52 rpm
Average Cadence 61 rpm
Maximum Cadence 67 rpm