Friday, May 25, 2007

Way out of Calibration

This morning I did an easy 15 kilometer walk. This sort of makes up for Wednesday when I did such an easy 5k with Rosie that I didn't didn't bother turning on the running computer and yesterday when I skipped the morning workout because I had an early eye doctor appointment.

The stats look great:
Data                  Value   Unit
Duration 1:40:00
Sampling Rate 5 s
Running Index 60

Energy Expenditure 976 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 14512 beats
Recovery -15 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 95 bpm
Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 159 bpm
Standard Deviation 9.1 bpm

Minimum Pace 17:08 min/km
Average Pace 5:52 min/km
Maximum Pace 4:20 min/km
Distance 17.0 km

Minimum Cadence 53 rpm
Average Cadence 73 rpm
Maximum Cadence 86 rpm

But--I walked my usual 15k route and it ended up measuring 17k. It is also averaging in my warm up and cool down but still coming up with a pace of under 6 minutes per kilometer. I wish this is true, but it has got to be way off. Tomorrow I'm going to the Cal Tech track and that will be my chance to calibrate the foot pod.